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Stunt coordinator/ Action Director

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Member of Taurus World Stunt Award





Polish High Dive record -134 feePoli


Polish High Dive record -134 feet -41 meters (2008)

Nomination for Taurus World Stunt Award with the movie "Kick"

for best high work & best stunt rigging 2015


- Over 100 films as (the stuntman, the stunt coordinator)
"Azan" "With the fire and sword", "Out of reach", (S.Seagal)"Great escapes", "The Police department ", "W11","(100)Detectives"(50 )the Street warrior", "Wild ""Criminal" "The Last Sentinel" the Day of the Anger".1920 -white/red a.o. Kick  with Salman  Khan- Bollywod.

"Macbeth", "King of Lyres", "Hamlet", "The not divine Comedy"... "Ubu King", "Gates of the Paradise" "Resurrection", "Ancient popular ceremony of calling forth the dead", "Caligula", "Richard III", Hamlet.

The direction and the co-ordination about 500 show open-air-, television- and film- Prmiere , among other things James Bond - the Invasion of the Power RMF, with the Fire and with the Sword, the Gladiator, Matrix, Stunt Action Show. /Show TV: Bogowie .Tour de Maryla, Viva , Viva Espagna, Officers.


2015 - Nomination for Taurus World Stunt Award with the movie "Kick"- for best high work & best stunt rigging 2015

2014 - stunt Coordinator  Kick

2014 - teacher at the film department  -"University of Social Science"  Warsaw

2014 - Stunt coordinator "Kick"

2014 - Action director "Bangistan"

2012 - Witcher 2 . Warrior N.

2011 - Azaan Stunt Coordinator

2010 -Participation on a Stunt Lab in Hollywood

2010- 1 st Dan  master degree All Style Karate

2009 -Member of Taurus World Stunt Awards

2009-  President of the Independend Autonomouse Trade Union "Solidarity" Branch No 2925 for Film Stuntmen's

2008 - Polish High Dive record 134 feet
2007 - the Coordinator and the Stuntman of the film - series TVN "the Department W11" and "Detectives" from 2004
2006 - the Director of the Polish thriller film "the Day of the Anger"
2006 - the participation inHollywood production of the action movie "The Last Sentinel" as the stuntman and the specialist in combat film-(fights with Don the the Dragoon Wilson)
2006 - the Creator of the Independent film- group "The Film Factory"
2005 - the Founder and the coordinator of the Stunt Team - the group counting poand 30 stuntmen and specialists.
1996-2004 Creator of the first Independent Polish Stunt Formation.
1987-2000 Guide and the organizer of expeditions, Africa, Sinai with journalists RMF Indiana Jones in quest of of the missing Ark Of The Covenant" The correspondent RMFna the Black Land ", ". "The wild" entry on Kilimanjaro.
1998 - the Performer of the part James' Bonda "of the Invasion of the RMF"
1996 - 1997 the Organizer of instructions and camps Combat 56 along with with commando special forces on the range in Drawsko Pomorskie.
1996-1998 Organizer of instructions Combat, Krav Maga
2003 Russian systems of the hand-to-hand fighting - the instruction Specnaz
The constructor of modern Stunt Air Bags to jumps from the height -together with Lane Leavitt

1996 - the Creator of first Polish Stunt School in Krakow.

1990 - Los Angeles  -Universal Studio - Start of Stunt Work preparation.



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The cooperation from the world fame with coordinators with Hollywood: Lane Leavitt, Matt Anderson, Luke Lafontaine, Garret Warren.
At present as the only Polish stuntman employed in Hollywood.




1. The Instructor of Combat - Polish Assotiation of Coaches and Instructors of the Defensive Formation IPSystem -- No. instr.11/ICJJ/98

2. The instructor of the Sport - Combat ju-jitsu instructor identity card No.. 914/1/S/98 UKFIT

3. The instructor of the Self-defence - . instr. id.10645 1/ No. /R /04 Min of the National Education and the Sport.

4. The instructor Combat Kalaki Pl.876   2- nd Dan

5. Dive Master PADI , Rescue Diver. Nr0210u65528

6. The climbing - the Card of the Mountaineer PZA 265 .No. and authorizings to the work at high. 16/04/04 ..the technics of protections at high.

7. Martial arts - the masterly 2 Degree dan , Combat Kalaki, the Karate Kyokushinkai from 1976.K arate Oyama from 1991 .All Styles Karate 1 Dan .Taekwondo od1991. Kick boxing /the boxing od1991. ;Aikido.Tai chi ,

8. The shooting -. the Relationship of the Sports- Shooting the Shooting- Patent the series B 004365 No. . The Shooting- licence The member of the Military shooting- Club WKS Wawel.

9. The instructor of the Shooting Sports- and Fighting- MENiS. the Fighting- Shooting Combat.

10. Instruktor and the choreographer of the film- fight - THE COMBAT SYSTEM

11. The fencing sports - and film - -1979-81 Kendo . 1982-86 Cracow . 1987-90 Stutgart the Count v. Boothmar Schule.1990 New York Fencing School . Ken Jutsu. The sword one-two manual. The Philippine fencing kalaki

12. The instructor of the fighting- fencing with the historic sabre and with the rapier from 1997

13. Parachutist Course

14. Air-ram ,-Ratchet -Descender :the instruction in Angeles - instr Lane Leavit 2006

15. The Horsemanship - the Carpathian Club of the Mountainous Riding Tourism .legit D0193943

16. The acrobatics, Batut Jump, the Gymnastics, the Yoga.

17. The burning - the Effectof the whole burning 90-100 % the surface of the body- the Polish record.

18. The pyrotechnics - stuntman effects with the use of the pyrotechnics.

19. High dive 134 feet .200feet /more evolutions on Descender.

20. Cars - stuntman effects , collisions; The driving car race licence

19. BHP - the Current certificate of the bhp at the fim prod. for Coordinators.(used in as obligatory)

20. The Racing License PZMOT

21. Foreign languages: German, English, Russian.



Studies of the Philosophy Theological Academe Cracow.
The theatre the Laboratory J.Grotowskiego(the training).
The Actor's studio the Theatre STUKraków.Work in the actor's team of the Theatre .

Michel Chekhow Actors Studio New York .
Studies - Eurythmeum - Stuttgart. NIEMCY
Novalis Schauspiel Schule Stuttgart. NIEMCY
The director's training Moscow. ROSJA
Sunbridge College New York.
The lecturer Actors Studio
The instructor of the International Michael Chekhow Theatre Festival





stuntman-stunt coordinator, stunt, taurus

Polish High Dive record -134 feet


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